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A Vein Doctor in NC Provides a Guide to Swollen Legs & Ankles

Vein doctorA leading vein doctor in NC is offering a guide that helps patients with vein disease understand the causes of swollen legs & ankles and their options for treating them. Faulty valves in the legs cause blood to pool, increasing the pressure on the vein as the volume of blood increases. When chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) develops, swelling of the legs and ankles typically follows. If left untreated, the condition can result in the breakdown of the surrounding skin, ulcers, and other complications.

What the varicose vein treatment center in NC hopes to accomplish

The physicians at the vein treatment center in NC hope to make more people aware that vein disease is not always seen on the surface of the skin. You may not have blue, twisted varicose veins on your skin but have problems occurring deep in the legs. Some people who experience swollen legs & ankles have no other obvious signs of vein disease. Others may have had minor symptoms that they have controlled with conservative treatment for years. Regardless of their history, they should schedule an appointment with a vascular doctor once swelling occurs. Swelling is a symptom of various types of vein disease and related health conditions that may be merely uncomfortable or life-threatening.

Once you have been diagnosed, the vein doctor in NC will discuss your treatment options with you. Modern vascular experts have the most advanced minimally-invasive treatments available to ensure patients have a short recovery time. Swelling of the legs & ankles is one way that your body lets you know that your condition is progressing and the symptoms should not be ignored. Without treatment, the condition is going to continue to get worse. The treatments available for vein disease today make it simple and painless to remove diseased veins and start living a better quality of life.

What to expect at the vein treatment center in NC

The professionals at the vein treatment center use the most advanced diagnostic methods to evaluate each individual patient. In addition, vascular doctors in NC know the latest techniques to treat you and relies on recent research to ensure you always get the best possible outcome. Swollen legs & ankles are a common symptom of varicose veins, but they can be caused by a number of related conditions as well. The vascular doctors at NHVS have the technology, skills, and research to pinpoint the cause of your swelling and improve your health today and in the future.

Women are much more likely to have vein disease than men, but swollen legs & ankles can signal a vein problem in anyone at any age. Call our vein doctor at 336-245-4890 or go online to schedule an appointment and find out the root cause of your swelling. Your vascular doctor in NC can provide you with the treatment you need to improve your condition and prevent more serious conditions in the future.


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