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Physicians at a Winston-Salem Vein Clinic Warn Searchers That Online Information on Vein Disease May Not Be Accurate

vein clinicIt has become the most natural thing in the world to get online and search for information about our current health concerns. And in fact, NC vein doctors recommend using the Internet to find general information about most topics, including vein disease. However, searchers beware: all of the information on the Internet about vein disease is not accurate or relevant to you, so it is critical to follow up your search with a visit to a Winston-Salem vein clinic to find out which information is correct and which is misleading.

What do Winston-Salem residents need to keep in mind about searching online for vein disease information?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when searching for information on the Internet is that millions of people are online searching every day, so the information you find on vein disease may or may not actually be relevant to your personal situation. In addition, because anyone in the world can easily put up a web page, even people who aren’t NC vascular doctors or experts of any kind, the information there may not even be accurate.

However, searching online can be a good way to find out general information about vein disease or other health conditions, as long as you follow up your search by checking the information with a real expert. For example, you can learn what vein disease is and what causes it, particularly from websites such as those maintained by a reputable varicose vein clinic in NC, such as Novant Health Vein Specialists. For example, on this site, you’ll find out that vein disease has many causes, some of which you can control and some of which you can’t. Genetics and age are examples of risk factors we can’t do much about, while exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are risk factors we can tackle ourselves, sometimes with a little help.

What should you do after searching online for information?

Even on this website, we can’t tell you which vein disease treatment is the right one for you, because we haven’t met you personally and don’t know your medical history or lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important that after you do a search for information online, you make an appointment at our vein center for an in-person evaluation. If your search brought up any questions or concerns, you can ask them directly of our physicians, Dr. Ray Workman, Dr. R. Bradley Thomason, Dr. Steve Motew, Dr. Phillip Moore, Dr. Joel Deonanan, or Dr. Shawn Fleming. Armed with the results of your examination and the information from your medical and family history, we can then make recommendations that are true for you.

This article is also good for general information, but we can’t get into specifics until we meet you. For example, we can tell you that we offer several highly effective, minimally invasive solutions for vein disease, including sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy and endovenous laser and radiofrequency ablation. All of these procedures can be performed right in our Winston-Salem vein clinic with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime. However, we can’t tell you which procedure is right for you until we’ve completed your initial appointment, including the venous health examination and medical history.

So after you’ve found some general information online (and most likely some questions too), give us a call at 336-245-4890 or go online. We can answer your questions and provide an accurate, relevant treatment strategy to restore the health and beauty of your legs.


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