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Wound Care

Novant Health Wound Care

Do you suffer from bruised discolored, achy, swollen legs? We can help!

Wound Care Ablation

A primary part of the treatment regimen for venous leg ulcers is compression wrap therapy. This is most often done by wound care specialists. Novant Health Vein Specialists is affiliated with the Novant Health Wound Care (NHWC), which is the outpatient arm of the FMC Wound Care Team. All of these wound care centers are integrated components of the FMC Limb Preservation Program (LPP). Dr. Thomason serves as the Medical Director of NHWC and FMC Wound Care Services, and is one of the physical leaders in the LPP. Many patients with venous leg ulcers are referred to/from the Novant Health Wound Care (NHWC), where excellent care is provided by a team of nurse practitioners with years of experience with all types of wounds. A “multi-disciplinary team approach” is the most important aspect of our patient care in the LPP. Our team includes nurses, hospitalists (NICS physicians), wound care specialists, case managers, physical therapists, pharmacists, infectious disease specialists, foot and ankle specialists, vascular specialists, orthotists, nutritionists, and diabetic educators.

This multi-disciplinary care team is also the guiding principle for the physicians/PAs at Novant Health Vein Specialists. We may interact with other health care professionals in order to provide the broad spectrum of care needed to treat you, the patient.