A Vein Doctor in NC on Whether Vein Disease Treatment Also Benefits the Heart -

A Vein Doctor in NC on Whether Vein Disease Treatment Also Benefits the Heart

A Vein Doctor in NC on Whether Vein Disease Treatment Also Benefits the Heart

People with vein disease often question why vein disease treatment for the veins in their legs can also contribute to heart health. Although quite a distance apart in the body, veins and the heart are part of the cardiovascular system which drives the circulation of blood throughout the body. When the one-way valves in the veins of the legs are no longer working properly, blood is not pumped back to the heart. Treatments available at our vein treatment center in NC divert blood flow to healthy veins and restore the circulation of blood to the heart.

Types of vein disease treatment available at our vein clinic in Winston-Salem

Heredity is the leading causes of vein disease. Most often, women will develop varicose veins after the age of fifty when a loss of elasticity in the one-way valves prevents the blood from flowing upward to the heart, instead causing it to flow downward with gravity. When the blood pools, the veins often become more damaged and the condition can become more serious. Blood clots can form and break away from the vein, traveling to the organs such as the heart or lungs. Seeing a vein doctor in NC for treatment when symptoms first occur can prevent further damage from occurring and possibly putting your health and life at risk.

There are numerous minimally-invasive vein treatments available from our vascular doctor in Winston-Salem that will permanently treat vein disease while also restoring circulation that is essential to your heart health. Sclerotherapy, saphenous vein ablation, endovenous laser, and radiofrequency ablation are just some of the treatments used to seal diseased veins using chemical injections, heat, or radiofrequency energy. Once the vein is sealed, the blood flow is diverted to a different, healthy vein.

Get heart-healthy vein disease treatment at our vein clinic in Winston-Salem

The primary goal of a vascular doctor is to provide each patient with an accurate diagnosis of their overall vascular health and determine the best treatment plan for their needs. Even those who use conservative treatment to prevent worsening of vein disease will find that many of the same lifestyle changes will have a direct impact on the entire cardiovascular system, including the heart. During your initial appointment at our vein treatment center in NC, the vascular doctor will perform diagnostic tests, provide a physical examination, and look at your medical and family histories to assess your current condition and risk.

If you are concerned about your vein health and want to take the next step towards achieving optimal cardiovascular health, the vascular doctors at our vein clinic in Winston-Salem are prepared to work with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you accomplish your goals. Call us at 336-245-4890 to schedule your appointment so you can learn your options for getting fast, painless vein treatment that will help you enjoy better overall health.

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